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“Inuvik” New Article in Cottage Magazine, Jul/Aug 2011


“Inuvik” Compass Column, Cottage Magazine, Jul/Aug 2011

I’ve been in the pages of Cottage Magazine a lot this year — and with the July/August issue out now, I’m in there once again. I’ve written a great article on one of Canada’s most unique towns, Inuvik, in the Northwest Territories.

Beyond simply promoting the town as an interesting destination, the article also discusses the cultures of our northern aboriginal peoples. I’m proud of the article. I hope you enjoy it.

Also, I was honoured to have a segment devoted to me in the issue as well — the July/Aug issue represents Cottage Magazine’s 20th Anniversary, so they took some time to publish bio/blurbs on/from past editors — you know, what they enjoyed about their time at Cottage, the challenges they faced, etc… I got a chance to dote on Cottage magazine a little, and Cottage magazine returned the favour by putting my name in print like I was Anna Wintour or something…

Check it out, all in the July/August issue!


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