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Featured Blogger on the Travel Blog Exchange


David Webb is a feature blogger on the Travel Blog Exchange.

I was quite flattered today when The Travel Blog Exchange decided to honour me as one of their Featured Bloggers today.

The post in question is titled “Extreme ADV Touring: Canada’s Dempster Highway.” It’s a harrowing tale of one of my greatest adventures to date: a solo motorcycle trek up the 1,470-km (round-trip) Dempster Highway of Canada’s north.

The article was actually published in Motorcycle Mojo‘s March 2011 issue. Also, the May/June 2011 Cottage magazine published a feature I wrote about touring the north as well, so my trip has actually generated quite a bit of buzz.

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of a spike in traffic this extra exposure gets my website, Across and Abroad.com – Your Ultimate Outdoor Adventure & Travel Magazine.