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Great Northern Road Trips in Cottage Magazine, May/June 2011


“Great Northern Road Trips,” Cottage Magazine, May/June 2011

If you’re looking for a fantastic, all-Canadian adventure this summer — or just a good read — make sure to pick up the May/June Cottage Magazine, on  newsstands now.

Look for my feature article “Great Northern Road Trips.” You can’t miss it — it’s six pages long!

In this article, I document road-tripping through the great highways of northern British Columbia and The Yukon and Northwest Territories, including: the Stewart-Cassiar, The Klondike, The Alaska and the mighty Dempster Highways. It’s not just a travel guide though, it’s a fun romp through Canada’s final frontier.

I also have a second article in the issue too: the “Compass” column, where I engage in a chat about one of my favourite towns in BC — Fernie, in the province’s southeast corner. What is it like to live in or visit Fernie? Pick up the magazine to find out.

As usual, enjoy the reading.

PS: I’ve added the magazine’s cover below, so you know what to look for:


Cottage Magazine, May/June 2011